Kosrat Rasul Ali

Kosrat Resul Ali
Kosrat Rasul Ali
First Deputy of Secretary General


  • Born 1952 in the oil rich village of Shiwashok near the city of Koya to a well-known family
  •  In 1975 becomes a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and partakes in the Aylul, (September) Revolution, which was a Kurdish movement led By Mustafa Barzani
  •  In the end of 1975 joins the Komala Party and supervises student activities
  •  In 1976, along with a number of his colleagues, he founded Kurdistan Students Group in Kerkuk
  •  In 1977, was arrested by the security agencies of the Ba'ath Party in Kirkuk for political activities; gets released in the same year as he confesses nothing
  •  After getting out of jail, he joins the Peshmerga fighters in the mountains. He took out 180,000 Iraqi Dinars from the agriculture market center in Erbil to give to the Peshmerga revolutionaries. It was a noticeable financial support for Peshmerga at the time.
  •  In 1981 becomes a politburo member of Komala and director of secret branches
  •  In 1984 becomes chief of the Fourth Center of PUK
  •  In 1985 gets injured in a battle; a year later, leads both the Fourth as well as the Third enters of PUK after they are merged. Remains in this post till 1988
  •  In 1991 participates in Kurdistan's March Uprisings and was one of the most prominent commanders of liberating Erbil and Kirkuk cities
  •  In 1992 elected as Member of Kurdistan Parliament
  •  In 1993 selected as the second prime minister of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
  •  In 1996 becomes KRG Prime Minister of the Suleimaniya administration

 In 2001 resigns from that post and becomes Executive Director of PUK politburo

 Becomes the PUK candidate to hold the position of Vice President of Kurdistan and does so in 2005 after the elections, actualy he is Vice President of Kurdistan since 2012.

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