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The establishment of the political system on the basis of successive elections is the outcome of the long-standing struggle of PUK and other parties,
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On the 26th anniversary of Anfal and Genocide of Faili Kurds, the Kurdish Federation in Sweden held a special ceremony marking the tragic
On the occasion of the 26th anniversary of Anfal operations, the PUK democratic organizations center abroad held huge ceremonies in Netherlands, which was attended by a huge number of politicians, lawmakers
On April 14th, a large number of honoured families of Anfalized victims, governmental and political representatives in the Kurdistan Region attended
At the end of the course which was set by (Mercy Corps) organization in collaborating with the council of Western Kurdistan refugees in Sulaimani for Syrian refugees,
An exhibition of Photography was inaugurated in Kirkuk by Shekh Muhammad Fatih a candidate of PUK list 266.
Goran Movement has long alleged that PUK lost its political independence and became a follower of KDP by running on the political agenda of KDP.
The civil war now engulfing Syria emerged from its people’s desire for political change. But the war is not universal: since the outbreak of protests in 2011 against President Bashar Assad’s regime —

“Today is the first exhibition in my life,” Fayza Hussein says. “I am so happy. This was always my dream.”



Kurds say declaring Saddam Hussein's 1988 campaign to be a genocide could help with lawsuits and healing process.
The Venerable Chief and Leader, the Honorable Saddam Hussein (May God Protect Him), President of the Republic and Head of the Honorable Revolutionary Command Council:
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