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Under the supervision of Deputy Secretary General of PUK Kosrat Rasul, PUK Political Bureau convened two days in a row, July 12-13th. Following the end of the meetings, a concluding statement was released reporting on the main topics...
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On Monday, October 26, 2014 the Governor of Kirkuk, Dr. Najmaldin Omar Karim met with Major General of the ninth division of Peshmerga forces that are deployed in
The American military for the first time has airdropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Syrian Kurds in the battleground city of Kobane, in a move likely to anger key ally Turkey.
Captain Rangin Yousif, who was a deputy commander of 2nd Brigade of Women Force and got injured in the first day of Eid Al-Adha during her confrontation with
In response to a statement released by the First Secretary General of PUK Kosrat Rasul Ali over the tension in Kobani, Salih Muslim in a reply statement said that he praised the position of Kosrat Rasul and PUK concerning the situation of Kobani.
British media on Monday reported that Turkish hostages, freed by the Islamic State group in September, may have been released as part of a prisoner exchange for up to 180 jihadist fighters.
In the coming weeks, Iraq’s leaders must make existential decisions. If they cannot form a unity government led by a new prime minister and motivate Sunni moderates and tribes
SULAIMANI, Iraq — I am a sucker for commencements, but this one filled me with many different emotions. As Dina Dara took the stage — the student speaker and valedictorian
Cloaked in Kurdish flags, thousands of people lined the roads to cheer on a military convoy headed for what was -- until recently -- an obscure Syrian
On Saturday 04/10/14, the governor of Kirkuk, Dr. Najmaldin Omar Karim met with a number of well-wishers from security agencies, service departments, and dignitaries of the province.
A female Kurdish fighter carried out a suicide bomb attack against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) jihadists outside a key Syrian town on Sunday night, a monitoring group said.
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